Saturday, March 14, 2015

Let's celebrate this journey called "Life", together!

In our daily lives, we have all kinds of days to face: happy days, sad days, hectic days, busy days, lazy days and numerous such versions as per our mood each day.; but some of such days are like those days which leave their impression upon us for a very long time, these days turn into memories, or rather fond memories, our favourite memories, which we want to cherish forever and ever, these are the most memorable days of our lives, and these days are never complete without our favourite people, which could be our parents, best friends, life partners, colleagues or for some people, may be even their pets.

For me, it was my birthday the last year, my 27th one. As I was getting more deeper into my late twenties, I decided to spend this one day with my parents and my younger brother, because for some funny reason (due to my parents’ behaviour) I believed that this one was going to be my last birthday as my status being “single”! So, I decided to take leave from office in the middle of the week and to head home in Dehradoon to surprise Paa, Maa and my younger brother, who were, until I reached, had no idea as to what was on my mind. The moment Maa responded the doorbell rung by me, she was surprised to the extreme limits to see me there, and that too in the middle of the week, when I was expected to be sitting in some board room negotiating contracts with the other party we do business with or making oral submission in front of a judge in some part of the country, of which even I am not aware until twenty-four hours of when I am supoosed to be reaching there; and if it has been any difficult to still judge as to why I am expected to be doing that, the disclaimer says that I am a corporate lawyer by profession.

The excitement in the house due to my sudden arrival got first reflected in the evening’s plan, as Paa hosted all of to a sumptuous dinner at my favourite dining place in Dehradoon which was followed with a late night movie and a drive back to home while all of were slurping the super yummy Kulfis in our hands in the cool-yet-pleasant breeze flowing in the atmosphere of the city.

And the biggest surprise was the ice-cream cake waiting for us at the dining table, when we entered our home. With the ever cutest-possible faces of Tom and Jerry crafted over it, the cake looked more than just delicious. It made the kid within me sprung with all the joy it could ahve ever experienced.

And that is how, I got to celebrate the most amazing birthday of mine, much far away from the hustle and bustle of the city together with my folks and my kiddo brother, the people whom I love the most in this entire universe.

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