Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kick-Off the Day on a Tastefully Healthy Note

It is not said so for any random reason that breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day. No doubt that every meal we intake daily, has its own importance and is equally valuable for the systems related to our bodies, and each of these meals play their own valuable role in nurturing us, both, internally and externally, as well.

It is a bliss to start a day with a sumptuous, delicious, yummy and healthy breakfast, and it is said that the day which is started with such a breakfast goes well spent and is far more productive than those days when unfortunately, we choose to skip breakfast. Though, we all know, that it is not a healthy practice to skip any of the meals, but skipping breakfast, for any reason, whatsoever, is in no manner good for ourselves. For various reasons, we all have, at some or the other point of time in our lives have committed this sin, which, in other words, is a violation of the cardinal rule of living a healthy and nutritious life. But no matter that how busy, jam-packed and hectic be the schedule of Mr. Gupta, he always makes it a point to exercise daily and have proper breakfast without fail, and it is not only him, but it is whole family who follows this healthy practice each single day and without breaking the chain. What the birdie has told everyone in the society is that one of the major reasons that why Mr. Gupta follows this regime so particularly is the fact that his wife, Mrs. Gupta, is an absolute pro at preparing a wide variety of sumptuous and healthy delicacies for breakfast, which not only Mr. Gupta and his kids love to saviour, but for which, Mr. Gupta’s family is widely famous across the town. Mrs. Gupta loves cooking so much so that everyday single day of the week, it is always something new and exciting at the breakfast table to pamper the taste buds of the Gupta family, and that is why there is never a dull moment at the breakfast table in Mr. Gupta’s home. `The interesting fact is that no matter what delicacy, from which cuisine is being prepared by Mrs. Gupta, it always tastes yummy and makes a perfect combo with one of the always-there-ingredient-on-the-breakfast-table, which is undoubtedly nothing but the best, the Kellogg’s Cornflakes. Mrs. Gupta makes sure that each diner on the table enjoy the sumptuous breakfast along with a bowl of Kellogg’s Cornflakes, which adds to the already existing super awesome taste of the yummy dishes prepared by the lady of the house, and that is how, she makes sure that her family is fed with the most important meal of the day in a tasty and healthy manner. So, when are you coming to have breakfast with the Kellogg’s loving Gupta family?

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Clock keeps ticking, Life moves on!

Life is not a cakewalk, it is certainly filled with uncountable ups and downs through its way. Though anything can be achieved with determination and dedication, it is not every time that life will let you have your way, sometimes it just does not stop throwing challenges at you; may be it does it so just to keep your levels in check. But no matter, why it happens, the underlining fact is that it happens, and with each one of us, and sometimes when it is least expected or when we could not just handle it, at all.

Mathematics has always been a subject which was least welcomed by me and I was hardly interested in it. For some reason, the un-useful theorems never made sense to me, not even a bit, the geometry seemed too geometrical for me to get it right even after thousands of tries, and algebra was another disaster of my life. At a point, I was pretty much convinced with the fact, that this whole Mathematics thing (except for the basic calculations part, which is an integral part of the daily lives of all of us) was God’s way of telling me that life is not an easy chapter, if I have already not got a hint from other stuff around me that it actually is not. And with these thoughts within me, I continued to hate the subject until one day I started hating it more because of the fact that I flunked in one of the tests for the subject. It came as a blow to me, for I never ever min my life, until then, failed, ever. Period. Anyhow, if there was this news, it was supposed to be broken to my folks for obvious reasons, and I decided to do it myself rather than any teachers reaching out my parents and disclosing it to them which would have increased the chances of me getting thrashed by my folks a more. In addition to being afraid and ashamed of the fact that I flunked in studies, I was also disappointed because of the fact that I lost upon the reward which Dad promised to get me if I would achieve a certain score in my examinations, and to ruin it up, the Mathematics’ results were already there. Gathering all the courage I needed to break the news of me flunking in his favourite subject, I walked upto Dad and told him that I failed in Mathematics. `But to my surprise, I did not receive even a single word of thrashing rather, what I got from him was a piece of advice. “It’s okay, Son. Move on, life does not stop here at a mere Mathematics class test. There is more to life, don’t flunk in the real examination of it.” And along with these words, I also received the reward he kept due for me, a wrist watch, to make me understand that time shall make everything good, just keep on moving with it. This was the incident which filled my life with optimism and hope.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Let's celebrate this journey called "Life", together!

In our daily lives, we have all kinds of days to face: happy days, sad days, hectic days, busy days, lazy days and numerous such versions as per our mood each day.; but some of such days are like those days which leave their impression upon us for a very long time, these days turn into memories, or rather fond memories, our favourite memories, which we want to cherish forever and ever, these are the most memorable days of our lives, and these days are never complete without our favourite people, which could be our parents, best friends, life partners, colleagues or for some people, may be even their pets.

For me, it was my birthday the last year, my 27th one. As I was getting more deeper into my late twenties, I decided to spend this one day with my parents and my younger brother, because for some funny reason (due to my parents’ behaviour) I believed that this one was going to be my last birthday as my status being “single”! So, I decided to take leave from office in the middle of the week and to head home in Dehradoon to surprise Paa, Maa and my younger brother, who were, until I reached, had no idea as to what was on my mind. The moment Maa responded the doorbell rung by me, she was surprised to the extreme limits to see me there, and that too in the middle of the week, when I was expected to be sitting in some board room negotiating contracts with the other party we do business with or making oral submission in front of a judge in some part of the country, of which even I am not aware until twenty-four hours of when I am supoosed to be reaching there; and if it has been any difficult to still judge as to why I am expected to be doing that, the disclaimer says that I am a corporate lawyer by profession.

The excitement in the house due to my sudden arrival got first reflected in the evening’s plan, as Paa hosted all of to a sumptuous dinner at my favourite dining place in Dehradoon which was followed with a late night movie and a drive back to home while all of were slurping the super yummy Kulfis in our hands in the cool-yet-pleasant breeze flowing in the atmosphere of the city.

And the biggest surprise was the ice-cream cake waiting for us at the dining table, when we entered our home. With the ever cutest-possible faces of Tom and Jerry crafted over it, the cake looked more than just delicious. It made the kid within me sprung with all the joy it could ahve ever experienced.

And that is how, I got to celebrate the most amazing birthday of mine, much far away from the hustle and bustle of the city together with my folks and my kiddo brother, the people whom I love the most in this entire universe.

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When I resolved to #StartANewLife

It was my first week in the new school, and I did not know much people around. Prior to getting admitted to this new school, I was studying in a boarding school for more than half a decade, so, I was pretty comfortable in making new friends and starting conversation with people around me, even if did not know them. In the past, I have always been on the leadership side of the student’s side, so I wanted to continue that thing here too, but this new institution had this peculiar rule which established that only such students would be eligible to be selected and appointed as school captains, house captains and the leaders of such other verticals within the school, who have been in the school for a minimum period of two full terms. So, technically I was not eligible for being shortlisted and selected. But that did not stop the zeal within me. When, after all the pre-registered students were done with delivering their speeches, the host of the students’ assembly announced that if at that point of time also, there is anyone who wants to make a nomination of the self, they can over to the stage and do it on spontaneous basis. Having heard that, my inner self started jumping within me, and though I knew the pre-condition to be selected, I thought of giving it a try, considering the fact that I do not have anything to loose if I am not selected, but if I do not give this a shot right now, I might loose upon a golden opportunity. All of these calculations of logic too place within me in a flash of a light, and before the host of the students’ assembly would have closed the golden opportunity, which I thought I was coming my way, I drew attention of around two thousand five hundred students towards me, all of whom have got their heads turned to the direction from where a sound of an “Excuse Me” emerged, and all of this replicated a perfect scene of a Bollywood movie, where the Hero of the movie is making the grand entrance. However, surprising the whole crowd, almost ninety-five percent of which did not even knew or recognised me, passing through the lanes made by the classmates and batch-mates, I made my way to the stage, and with all the superpower within me, delivered my spontaneous speech. I do not remember, as to what all I spoke about, but all that I remember was that when I was done talking the whole of the school’s playground was echoing the sounds of applause and I found my class-teacher looking at me with eyes full of pride. And a week later, as everybody told me that I should expect, I was designated as the Vice Head Boy of the school for that term, which itself is a record in the history of that school that till date, no new comer in the school, before or after me, has been made a art of the leadership.


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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Testimonial for a Great Dad, The Greatest Friend!

As it is said, that a friend in need is a friend indeed, it holds true for each single meaning of this phrase, both in word and in spirit. And for me, whether it has been the days when I enjoyed the playschool as a tiny tot or now that I am a corporate lawyer by profession, at all times, my Dad has been that one single person whom I can truly call a Buddy or a Bud of all times. And though whatever I could ever scribble in the favour of the hero of my life, will still fall short, I have made a small attempt to express my love for him, nowhere else but at Scibzoo only, because this is where you "Unleash the power of Real Testimonials"!

So come on all, let's write, share and explore, in the best manner we can, and in the meanwhile, so give it a read as to what I have to say about my Old Man by clicking here!