Sunday, March 15, 2015

Clock keeps ticking, Life moves on!

Life is not a cakewalk, it is certainly filled with uncountable ups and downs through its way. Though anything can be achieved with determination and dedication, it is not every time that life will let you have your way, sometimes it just does not stop throwing challenges at you; may be it does it so just to keep your levels in check. But no matter, why it happens, the underlining fact is that it happens, and with each one of us, and sometimes when it is least expected or when we could not just handle it, at all.

Mathematics has always been a subject which was least welcomed by me and I was hardly interested in it. For some reason, the un-useful theorems never made sense to me, not even a bit, the geometry seemed too geometrical for me to get it right even after thousands of tries, and algebra was another disaster of my life. At a point, I was pretty much convinced with the fact, that this whole Mathematics thing (except for the basic calculations part, which is an integral part of the daily lives of all of us) was God’s way of telling me that life is not an easy chapter, if I have already not got a hint from other stuff around me that it actually is not. And with these thoughts within me, I continued to hate the subject until one day I started hating it more because of the fact that I flunked in one of the tests for the subject. It came as a blow to me, for I never ever min my life, until then, failed, ever. Period. Anyhow, if there was this news, it was supposed to be broken to my folks for obvious reasons, and I decided to do it myself rather than any teachers reaching out my parents and disclosing it to them which would have increased the chances of me getting thrashed by my folks a more. In addition to being afraid and ashamed of the fact that I flunked in studies, I was also disappointed because of the fact that I lost upon the reward which Dad promised to get me if I would achieve a certain score in my examinations, and to ruin it up, the Mathematics’ results were already there. Gathering all the courage I needed to break the news of me flunking in his favourite subject, I walked upto Dad and told him that I failed in Mathematics. `But to my surprise, I did not receive even a single word of thrashing rather, what I got from him was a piece of advice. “It’s okay, Son. Move on, life does not stop here at a mere Mathematics class test. There is more to life, don’t flunk in the real examination of it.” And along with these words, I also received the reward he kept due for me, a wrist watch, to make me understand that time shall make everything good, just keep on moving with it. This was the incident which filled my life with optimism and hope.

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