Sunday, March 4, 2018

Do it the Spa way, always!

It was not just a regular day at work. While I had to clock-in early to prepare for a case to be heard later at the court that day, the day particularly involved a lot of running from pillar to post, quite literally. From attending the court to hosting a lunch for a foreign delegation at the office and then preparing for an early morning meeting for the next day, it was quite an action-packed day. Feeling drained-off of all my energy I signed-out of office when a friend spotted me in the parking lot and looking at my face realized the kind of day I must have had. We chatted for a brief while and before we shook hand and headed towards our cars, he told me that I look drained and why don’t I consider heading to a spa. I wasn’t much amused by the idea of undertaking an additional task on a day like that, and he kind of figured that put from my reaction. He then said he knows of a great place and in fact, that it falls on my way to home. He was all praises about that place and I gave him an ear. I thanked him for the suggestion, sat in my car and started to drive. I was in no mood to try this place out. I kept driving on my way to home and while driving I spotted this place my friend was telling about. I said to myself – “Let’s give it a try”, and turned the car into the direction of the board which read “Kairali” placed at the main entrance of the building.

I parked my car, and went to the reception to enquire what makes this place such that my friend was all praises about. I checked-in at the reception and was greeted by the Manager. The interior of the place were minimalistic and impressive. The Manager spoke to me about how was I Feeling that day and spoilt me with options to choose from to pamper and rejuvenate myself. I was tired and so, decided to take on a full-body oil-based massage. In traditional language, it is called Abhyangam – the massage of the complete body.

I was escorted into the massage room where light instrumental music was already playing and after changing into my massage costume, the 45 minutes’-long massage session started. It was rhythmic movement of oil droplets on my body being massaged with intense care and just the right pressure. I did not realize when I dozed off feeling pampered and when I was slightly shaken to be awake to take the steam and thereafter the shower, it felt like waking up from hours’-long deep sleep. It was one of the best massages that I have had till date and which was this relaxing and rejuvenating. The experience was mesmerising.

I completed all the steps including the steam and the shower, got dressed and walked out refreshed like never before in the recent past. The session that lasted 45 minutes filled me with relaxation of a week-long holiday, and as I checked-out of the place, needless to say, I sent a text to my friend who introduced me to this amazing place thanking him for his amazing recommendation, for the place is worth each single penny spent.