Thursday, January 17, 2013

& that day I started loving COCONUT too ..!!!

Well, I came up of this idea of writing this post about the wonderfulness of COCONUT on one of my weekend getaways! & it was just a co-incidence that I was in Goa. :)

Me & my girl were on that weekend getaway which was long overdue & planned a dinner that evening. When I came back to the room from the pool, she was getting ready & I cannot resist to mention that she was smelling awesomely great (superlative)! There was a mystic aroma in the air & every inch of her was drawing me closer. Although, I was already running late for our beach-side dinner, I felt handicapped to push myself away from that fragrance. Not only she smelled great but her skin had that touch of the silk which was mesmerising. It was then I noticed that the source of that sweet seduction was lying inside that little blueish-purple bottle of the Parachute Body Lotion standing in the middle of the dressing table, smiling at me.

It was a moment when the two of us unintentionally role-played this advertisement & realised it later! ;)

And then I got to know that why Coconut is So Good for our skin!

1. Coconut Milk is an amazing thing to smooth out & even delay   
    the wrinkles which appear on one's skin! (Girlies, now run & 
    grab it)
2. It helps adding glow to the skin (I bet).
3. It is a fabulous moisturiser & cleanser.
4. And it is an awesome fragrance in itself.

We walked hand-in-hand to the beach as I just did not want to leave that amazing silk touch + fragrance + warmth. Would you? Naaah.

And, at the back of my inquisitive mind every understanding fell into place that why from offering it to God, to inaugurate something new & to pamper one's skin with, only Coconut comes into the picture. May be, it's these & many more fabulous qualities of it which makes it so desirable. Now the only place I did not want a coconut was that one to fell onto my head on my way to the dinner from a tree, 'coz remember I was walking in Goa! ;)

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