Wednesday, May 20, 2015

And the myth broke that day!

Myth, shall not be developed, for it is myth. I learnt this day the day, when I entered home with an unusually dropped face, and more surprisingly when it was a weekend. Within no time, Mom got it right that there is something serious going in my head, but without overdoing the concern she always have for me, she continued chopping the vegetables for the dinner to be prepared that night, for she knew that it will not be out of me if she will ask, but will surely be if she does not.

And with that feeling of dejection in my heart, I walked towards my room trying to either recap as to what happened just an hour back, or may be trying to forget it. I was not too sure of what I was wanted or rather trying to do. However, a brief of whatever happened an hour back then was that me and my girlfriend of nine years broke-up. Yes, you read that right, nine years! It may not be as great a deal as I am making it sound like, but to me, it certainly was. And to put it rather straight, she dumped me.

But what has to happen, has to happen, and so it did, and that was the reason behind my unusually dropped face that weekend. And then, for the reason of badly wanting someone to talk to, I opened the conversation with Mom, while sitting next to her on the dining table, where she was still engrossed in chopping the vegetables, and being totally ignorant towards the mood impact on my face. And the Mom-Son conversation followed like:

Me       : It’s so hard these days to trust anyone.
Mom    : No, it’s not all that bad. There are still good people around.
Me       : No Maa, you probably haven’t dealt with too many people, or may be too many
  kinds of people.
Mom    : Yeah right, I grew more than twice of your age in a cave!
Me       : Not that, Mom. It’s like the word “trust” is breathing its last these day.
Mom    : So, you had a serious argument with Shreya. Is it?
Me       : (Stunned)
Mom    : Don’t give me that look.
Me       : Maa...
Mom    : Tell me, what happened this time.
Me       : Leave it, Maa.
Mom    : Okay.
Me       : No, actually, you know what... I always wanted to tell you... but feared that you
  wouldn’t like it...
Mom    : (intruppted)... that Gyatri is your Girlfriend (csual expression)
Me       : (stunned, again) Mom, you.....?
Mom    : (grinning) Always. Period.
Me       : She dumped me.
Mom    : That’s why I never liked her ever. (acting I-know-that-was-going-to-happen- cool)
Me       : Come on, Mom. You can’t be so judgemental.
Mom    : Okay. Sorry. (Pause) But that does not change the truth.

And then the conversation lasted for I don’t know how long, but for sure, not less than a couple of hours.  And meanwhile, the two of us talked as if we have been lacking a dialogue, for only God knows how long. That was the first day after years when I spent a good amount of day with her since high school. Studying in boarding, graduation, then higher studies, and then the job – it all happened so fast, that I never realized when the years did fly by us. And it was also the day of realization when I discovered that she is my ultimate or rather only go-to person for anything under the Sun. Even after continuous chopping of a wide variety of vegetables for hours, she declared that we are eating out that night. And to add to the list of the continuing wonders happening that day, she chose to drove, which is the least she would ever want to do. And without we having been even talked about it, she only stopped at my favourite joint in the town (I still wonder how does she even know that place, and then about it being my favourite). After an early dinner that night, she took me out for shopping, and I feared that how would I say “no” to what she is going to choose for me, for not being very sure about our likes matching with each-other’s. But there she was, digging out the coolest of the t-shirts from the Marvel collection – again a favourite of mine. And the only expression I had was – “jaw dropped”!

She mended my heart without a word of console, without making me feel that I turned teary-eyed (which I would have hated to admit otherwise). Probably that’s the way an expert works, without even letting you know that it is at work. Mom, for you being the multi-tasker superwoman, my soundboard, my in-house Google foe everything that I cannot find even after being in place, and for all that which I cannot put  in words, I feel on top of this galaxy for being born to you, and for you happening to me as my mother, for no one else would have put me into existence like you do; for no one would have ever put life in me; for no one would have completed me, ever. I Love You, Mom. You are #MyFirstExpert ever!
Me in the arms of #MyFirstExpert!
And that's how my myth broke that parents are not always in our opposition, `they are there to support, to make it more good for us, only if we wish to help ourselves; just like the myth that if you think that hair colour is not for you, think again! And then head over to right here!

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Nandhini said...

//that’s the way an expert works, without even letting you know that it is at work//

Loved these words! Well-written post.