Friday, May 15, 2015

When My Airtel App turned Friday into a T.G.I.F.!

I woke up to the great thought of today being Friday, the thought of T.G.I.F. always put me into good spirits. I took my own sweet time in the shower, drew out the best out of my smart casuals from the wardrobe, got ready like life is a party (which indeed it is), and placed myself on the dining table announcing my arrival and demanding the oh-so-yummy breakfast that my mother makes; but soon enough I heard a familiar voice directed towards me the tone of which was less of complaining and more of scolding. It was my elder sister totally furious upon me as to I have not got the Airtel DTH at home recharged, and that she was missing on her morning feed of music, fashion  and all things Pink on television. This for some reason drove my decision to look at my left, where I found Dad sitting and reading newspaper with a face which was not like usual, it was spelling anger that day. And though Mom being the sweetest of all, did not say anything, the intensity on her face and speed of her hands while doing the kitchen chores were saying it all. And the matter was nothing else but that as usual I have forgotten to comply with one of the basic responsibilities entrusted upon me, out of all the household work. All my folks at home expect me to do the least is to get the DTH recharged on time, so that the flow of infotainment is always maintained, and pay all the telephone/ mobile bills on time and get recharges for everyone, so there is no drop in the communication connectivity ever; but nevertheless, the fact is that no matter how basic this stuff is, I always manage to have this skipped from my mind.

And while I was calculating as to how to make a quite move from the dining table so as to save myself from all the possible scolding that I might about to get, I got reminded of the conversation I had with one of friends the previous night. We were discussing about some drool-worthy new apps on Play Store, and my friend told me about this amazing My Airtel App, which is a one stop solution for all things Airtel. I sighed. And within two minutes of me sighing, all the mobile phones in the house started beeping with alert messages, while everyone looked puzzled as to how all the handsets can beep at once, one after the other. It was no magic, no co-incidence, but the sheer awesomeness of the My Airtel App through which I got the DTH recharged, paid Dad’s mobile phone bill and also got Mom’s phone topped-up with full talk-time. And simultaneously everyone gave me the look which said, “Dude you saved yourself for good.” That’s what the My Airtel app does to you, not only on a good and lucky Friday, but every single day, 24/ 7.

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