Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lingerie: Coded-Uncoded..!

"Lingerie" - the very mention of the word raises quite a lot of stuff, literally, ranging from interest in the subject matter to steeply erected eye-brows & other oh-so-obvious things too! But mind it man, the larger quantum of public-'interest' the word carries with itself, the lesser it is preferred to be mentioned publicly! And buoy, I'm dead serious. Period.

In a scenario where we are ABSOLUTELY fine waking up to find Sunny Leone on the front page of the magazine section of the newspapers along with half-fried eggs in breakfast (the combo which is a high-protein morning diet! Naughty us, you see.) ;) clad in a barely-there bikini, we still have apprehensions "talking" about this awesome piece of garment. Isn't it? It's still discussed in a hush-hush voice & even been given secret 'code names' for some 'sophisticated' reasons!!

The other day I was at a "high profile" social do, & overheard a lady telling the other to "correct her tube light" & I was amused to see the reaction of the other by adjusting the strap of her brassiere!!! I was about to burst out in laughter, quite literally, imaging what all they would have code-named the other ingredients of lingerie as! & for that matter, what do they refer to as 'switch', if strap was a tube light. LOL. =))

As a matter of fact, since it's existence, lingerie has excited more men than women, but still if we go by the belief that ours is a male dominated society (which actually is not), then it shall be crowned as the "National Word" in the Gazette of India, but to the contrary, & unfortunately, it's not. 

I personally feel very comfortable & fun, walking all by myself into a lingerie store & buy stuff for my girl, & the good part is that lately I have started mastering the art as now at almost all the times I am asked for 'my advice' before finalising her decision in an either-or situation whether to go for a hipster or a bikini bottom, or between Aqua Blue or Pretty Pink! :P

It's high time that we stop ogling at the gigantic posters of the new spring/summer collections & peeping through the glass doors of the lingerie stores fantasising and making ourselves feel like Superman in our pants, while being in the corridors of the mall trying to have a glimpse every other second & still pretending like we ain't even aware that it exists there. We need to speak about it & break the captioned boundaries of being shy and immature under the tag of being 'sophisticated', because if we will not speak, then who else will for ourselves?!

And till then keep adjusting your tube lights (& lamps, bulbs, halogens etc.) while enjoying your deep rooted 'Love for Lingerie'....! ;)

P. S.: The post is made only for fun-filled reading and in no manner is meant to hurt the sentiments of any individual/ group(s). So, keep adjusting that strap and be comfortable! ;)

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great blogs..
all real experiences or fantasies? I have been wondering!