Friday, March 21, 2014

Why I laughed when I was thrown up in the air...

“Trust”, in my opinion is the primary and the most important factor upon which a relationship is built, and I believe that there are no second thoughts about this even for those who are reading me now.

When I grew up old enough to start understanding things around me and keep a memory of them as well, only then I realised flipping through the albums of my childhood when I was made to wear frocks of my elder sisters, that in all my past years till then, it was only “trust” of the fact that I would be caught back safely, due to which I used to giggle up when I was thrown up in the sky by my GrandPa as I felt amused on being treated that way. That’s where I learnt what “trust” is. And then I learnt the same again in my mother’s eyes when she assured that my school complaint will not be passed on to my Dad provided I promise not to repeat the mischief again - a promise which I never kept, but she always did. And then again, the way my brother firmly held and pressed my hand when I rode the bicycle all by myself only, for the first time ever in my existence till then, it kind of sent to my heart a strong wave of strength, may be we can call it a signal of the Sixth Sense, but today I know that it was all the element of Trust not just between two people but a sense of assurance, reliability and purity between two souls, a promise so divine in its letter and spirit that it just cannot be defined in a word. It needs to be realised, understood and felt.

Years passed and from school, I went to college and it was then a day when Maa took out a royal blue coloured velvet-cushioned box from her locker from inside of which emerged a meticulously placed and properly tucked at all the places, an enormous, shining-to-blind and ever beautiful piece of jewellery and showed it to me. 

I was awestruck! Totally. My jaw dropped, almost touching the floor with eyes having question marks popping-out of it as big as at least the size of a 100 Rupees note. She understood my anxiety (after all she is Maa), and told her that this was a gift to my great great great grandmother on her marriage, by her mother-in-law and has been the family symbol of ours since almost more than half a century as on date. The aura of that one traditional piece of jewellery looking at me from the inside of that plush adobe it was resting in was wonderful in itself. And while I was still under the magnetic effect it was obviously showing upon me, she told me that me being the eldest in the family will have to carry on the traditions of the clan and accordingly, this gigantic piece of jewellery be passed on to my would-be wife by her. This made me immediately take my eyes off from that amazing piece of art, crafted as beautifully as nothing else in this world, and got them set upon her. She smiled and whispered, “Don’t worry, even if you have a girlfriend, we’re happy, provided she promises to love you at least as much as I love your Paa.” I was speechless, literally. 

I was still busy in calculating the magnitude of trust that every generation of my clan has been passing over to the next forthcoming generation and now also the reason why Kalyan Jewellers was the undisputed sole choice of theirs. Yes, you got that right - it was this element of trust only, which in the coming time will perhaps only be understood by my life partner when she would be entrusted with all of this, and while all these times I would still be engrossed in penning down my thoughts and experiences forever and ever…..

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