Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"Excuse Me"

It wasn’t that there was no one prettier than her did not ever exist, it wasn’t that even that he hadn’t seen anyone prettier, but it was this that his heart only found her beautiful in the true sense of the word.

It took him years to draw a sketch of what he had always dreamt of. Starting from the early days of his boyhood to the era of his adolescence and when he later graduated into a full-blown adult, what he drew was yet a painting of his blurred thoughts and imaginations. But it was that one day when he saw her first, he knew what his drawing should have looked like! What he couldn’t draw for himself, God did for him, for them, for only He knew that they were meant to be in love, to be in life with each-other and complete the other like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle do.

Her sparkling eyes, a straight-from-the-heart smile, melodious voice and that generous look was enough to sweep him off his feet when God decided to put a cherry on the cake and made her an incredibly pretty and flawless creature. He was awestruck witnessing her. It was this moment, which he only witnessed in books and movies, and was so thrilled that it was happening to him that he went numb. And while he was standing there frozen in her aura, it was the warmth of her halo which brought him back to senses when her eyes peeped into his’ and a mild ‘Excuse Me’ came out touching her tender lips reaching out for his ears. But only he knew that it wasn’t her words which broke his freeze, but it was her voice which fueled his soul. His charm fumbled against her beauty, not that of the skin but of the soul, because pure souls have an aura of a different brightness. They met for what they were supposed to, he thanked, and she blinked in response and before he left he inhaled a deep breath to fill himself up with her divine fragrance. He started walking slowly and turned around twice to catch last glimpse of her that day. He did, and he ran to his friends to tell that his love story has started just like when he used to do the same in childhood when his father used to get him a present. That day, he did not feel just happy, he felt complete, and until today that feeling hasn’t left …

Like they say it in the movies – “You had me at ‘Hello’!”

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Anonymous said...

How beautifully u have just captured ua heart winning feelings... 'Hello'