Sunday, October 19, 2014

The key to a Happy Home is in being the Pink of health!

Being a student who had records to his credit of hundred percent attendance (of the times when I used to be in school), I knew what it takes to be all hale and hearty to achieve this year-after-year, and also that it is not an easy task to be at. And when the family legacy continued by my nephew joining the same school, I made sure that he does get only the best and that nothing shall ever come in between him and his dreams, his future, his zeal to excel and his motivation, which shall drive him towards his goals. And for all this to be happening it is necessary by all sorts that he always remains healthy. His tales from everyday at the school, is what all the family members wait for, and I always remember the words of my Grandmother, “Tu jaldi theek ho ja, Beta. Teri shaitani ke bina Ghar soona-soona lagta hai. (Son, get well soon. The Home does not feel the same without your chirp around it.)” I did not understand what she meant back then, but I now feel it around me when I see my nephew going through bruises every other day while he learns to skate. It definitely takes a lot to build a champion but I understand that I have to make him strong and immune enough to fight back and then rise and shine. I know that his warmth and energy is what fills up my heart and turns our house into Home. With these thoughts in mind, I was browsing through parenting techniques on the internet and deciding upon the various activities that shall get in sync with the curriculum of the Play School where my Bhabhi use to teach, when I came across this amazing web portal which was about Dabur Chyawanprash and immunity in kids, which talked about helping in making the generation and the nation healthier. I found the article really interesting and I started browsing through the pages of the web portal, and the more I read, the more it kept getting interesting. After a couple of minutes of reading and then later some research about the new and improved Dabur Chyawanprash, I was assured that this is item which I was actually looking for, that one thing which shall keep all my worries at bay, my nephew, healthy and immune from the daily attacks of such stuff about which we all remain worried. We could now be worry-free as what we have been looking for was right there in our mind. We were free from second thoughts about the how to manage to keep Yash fit and fine so that he emerges as a champion in whatever he does. Because when he smiles, we all smile automatically, as he is our life, our pride and our joy. And with this happy thought within me, the next I was doing was walking down the street to our local departmental store to buy a jar of Happiness – a jar of Dabur Chyawanprash! J

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Because there’s no Diwali like a Diwali with Family! :)

09:25 A.M.: I am running late for office; got to attend a meeting with Boss and few other departments at 10:00 A.M. in the Conference Room, and I am still 15 minutes away from office with a traffic jam which looks to be purposely there to play spoilsport to all my efforts of making it to the office in time and in shape. And here rings my phone! Amidst the hustle and bustle of the traffic I pick up the call bringing the traditional Desk Phone ringtone to an end to hear Maa at the other, asking “Tum Diwali pe Ghar aa rahe ho na? (You are coming Home for Diwali na?)” And I answered, “Maa, I am running late for office, will call you later.” She didn’t repeat her question but her voice shifted to a lower tone, I chose to ignore, and she made out that I am feeling uncomfortable. She immediately shifted back to normal pitch, pretending to be all fine, and all she said was “Nashta toh kiya nahi hoga toone par khana time se kha lena. (You must not have had breakfast but do have lunch on time.)” I did feel awkward but thought that I could not help much in the issue as what was taking over my mind was the meeting which was about to kick-start in another thirty-two minutes, precisely.

Around one and a half hours later, the meeting got over and took a sigh of relief, as this was something I have been preparing for the last three weeks and we managed to have it done successfully. All the attendees congratulated me for the presentation I made therein and with all the nobility within me I accepted the wishes of all of them while getting to hake hands with the likes of the Senior Vice Presidents of the Company. With a grin on my face, I walked towards the cafeteria and ordered a Club Sandwich and a Cold Coffee, and just then I received from a friend, a link on WhatsApp, of a video on YouTube with a message – “Bro, what we are earning for?!” I was both, surprised and confused. Surprised because I have not been in touch with this friend from pretty much a long time, though we went to the same school, and college, till our jobs did us apart; and surprised because of the content of his message. With curiosity in heart and mind, I opened the link that he shared, which led me to the video below.

After around seven minutes, I realized that I did not notice when the cafeteria guy came and placed the sandwich and the coffee on my table and left, and that the grin on my face from the success of the just-concluded meeting has almost vanished and being replaced with moist eyes.

My heart knew what I was up to in the next moment. On the other end of the call, Maa was sounding astonished with my call in the office hours, as that does not happen, usually, and may be more specifically happily surprised with my question – “Maa, ‘Gud Ke Makhaane’ bana rahi ho na Diwali par? ;)” And all she replied was, “Haan, bus tu aaja. (Yes, you just come)” There’s one more thing which I had to do next, message that friend of mine who sent me the link to that amazing and nostalgic video, “Bro, you too get extra holidays sanctioned, I’ll be home for a week because there’s no Diwali like a Diwali with Family J.”

This blog post is a part of the IndiBlgger's Indi-Happy Hours "There's No Diwali Like A Diwali With Family" campaign.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The High Five That Zests LIfe

The dictionary reads ZEST as “great enthusiasm and energy”, but to me the word describes a million feelings of the world within it. To me, ZEST is a feeling of awesomeness, a kind of pump within which gives you an instant kick, a blow of happiness, excitement or sheer pleasure which brings that smile on my lips, a wind of peace to my hair and a feeling of satisfaction to my heart – a kind of an altogether different emotion in itself which just cannot be explained enough but could only be felt by oneself.

This feeling which adds Zest to my life has been felt a lot of times earlier in life but it was only when Blogadda and Tata Zest came together and asked what are those 5 things which makes this happen, that made me sit down and list down the top 5!

1. The People, who make me what I am:
Like it’s said that “Charity begins at home”, it’s equally true to say that “Happiness is where Home is”. When I look around to figure out what all adds Zest to my life, the first that comes to my mind is the people who make me what I am – Maa, Paa, my younger brother and the Love of My Life. These Fantastic Four feature on the top spot of those amazing five things which adds Zest to my life.

2. The Rhythm, that keeps me alive:
It’s no understatement that “Music is a universal drug”. Let it be those days when I am super-charged and all pepped up to hit my office desk before time, or those stupid Mondays after a great weekend, or just those lazy days when it rains enough for me to have a private Pacific Ocean in front of my house or just any other day and any mood, music is something that keeps me alive even on the darkest-silent-dead night. And I being a patron of every single genre of music enjoy the freedom of pampering myself like a bird of all skies. Music is my blood, my oxygen, my life support system.

3. The Nectar, Papa ke haath ki Chai:
Whatever be the situation and no matter what is that which is running in my head or heart, Papa ke haath ki Chai serves the purpose of nectar, anytime, anywhere. It’s one typical connect me and Paa share with each-other, and over numerous rounds of this heavenly drink, the Zest, quietly walks in life and settles there.

 Image Cortsey: @Parsahiya

4. The Mighty Gift, My Sword, My Tongue – My Pen:
The day I graduated as a lawyer and stepped into “The Real World”, all I had in my kitty were some thoughts, some more random thoughts and a lot more different kinds of thoughts. What to do, where to go, how to lead a life, how to earn a living, a relationship of love nurtured for a decade, parents with dreams in their eyes, friends who were waving a goodbye without a definite promise as to when we will meet, and a lot lot lot more. There was a Katrina of thoughts flooding my mind, and my soul was feeling to break free, from the chains of these thoughts, it felt the need to express, and express it loud and clear, which is when I gifted myself with this writing instrument which never leaves my side, no matter what happens, and acts like all – my sword, my tounge. And adds Zest to my life in its own unique way, with each passing second.

5. The Second Skin – My Denims:
Sometimes, there is an urge to see ourselves from the other side of the line, and here a mirror does not work. That is when I pull myself into my second skin – my denims. However lazy I get to give it a bath, it never leaves its fragrance – the smell of Me, and that’s where I find where I belong to. With it, I can walk, run, lay down, roam like a nomad, be fun, eccentric, soulful and even dance on the streets as if no one is watching, and when I am back home, can sleep with it being on, and yet it never even asks for a bit in life, not even the tiniest one.

And this is how the High Five adds up that Zest to my life and keep me alive. Period. ‘Coz it’s time to Zest!

Go, Zest.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's time do some Honeyteering..!

“Relationships are divine and are made up in the heaven”, this is said very commonly across the world, but nobody knew the latter part of the phrase which is “and they are meant to be celebrated in Thailand!”

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has come up with such a wonderful concept of Honeyteering that words shall fall short to describe what it means to couples like us. An all-paid week-long vacation with fun activities in the lap of luxury and the love of your life, your partner being alongside you, while all one has to do is to “Spread Love”! Truly speaking, for the first time ever when I heard about this I almost burst into laughter due to disbelief but yes, it is true for each word of it.

With choices to be spoilt with, one has the option to choose from the most fantastic destinations available: Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui, return international tickets, then get to stay for a week-long at Thailand’s most luxurious 5-star properties, sightseeing tours, transportation, all meals, fun volunteer activities and an exclusive professionally shot honeymoon portfolio! Can somebody still be asking for more.

In life, there are few things which money can’t buy and Happiness and Love are certainly one of them, and this initiative by the Tourism Authority of Thailand is nothing less than a blessing for all the people around the world who are in love.

My entry to be a part of this amazing Honeyteering experience can be found at and if it gives you a mushy feeling of how lovely the two of us make as a couple, don’t think twice to hit the Green Heart right away.

Thanks a ton to the Tourism Authority of Thailand for conceptualizing such a beautiful experience and me along with my partner are truly in love with the tagline too: “We got so much love to give”.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shopping Is My Cardio..!

“It is the last and final boarding call for Mr. Govind Mehrotra travelling on flight number GM1109. You are requested to report at boarding gate number 07” - This was the announcement being made at the Pune airport while I was engrossed in making an express checkout on a popular e-commerce website ordering a beautiful Purple dress for my girlfriend, the delivery of which was being claimed by the website to be made in the next 60 minutes, which meant that the shipment would reach my home before I could, even when I would be travelling on that PNQ-BLR flight at a speed of around .8 mach (approximately 800+ kms./ hr.) in a B737-900ER jet with that amazing Boeing Sky Interior setup, which in itself is an amazing feature of the new generation aircrafts, of which I am a great fan as it somewhat reminds me of the aisles of The Dubai Mall which houses each of those single names I swear by.

And yes, that boarding call announcement was very much for me, and finally I boarded my flight back to home racing with the shipment while wondering if it can really reach before me!

On the weekdays I flaunt being a corporate lawyer draining all my energy by the time I reach Thursdays, but Fridays rejuvenate me for two reasons: one is obvious for all of us and the second is  me being able to throw open my voice-over-password-protected wardrobe (I am extremely possessive about it) to self to choose the best of the colours for Friday Dressing.

Now if you’re wondering, why it was so important for me to buy a dress online almost risking the chance to miss my flight, you seem to be a person of all senses in place. But here is the real story: Ashmita (I call her Ashi), a friend of mine since the 3rd standard in school, graduated in Retail Management and after working for a fashion house for almost 8 months found the entrepreneur in herself being taken by a storm for the thought of opening her own boutique, and that’s when I was hired by her, as a freelancer to merchandise her venture and get her the best(est) stock in the market at jaw dropping prices. In simple words, it meant that she wanted me to shop and haggle those bargains for her, which is primarily considered a woman’s job but I find myself totally addicted to it (don’t you get any ideas, I am perfectly a male and straight too), and I would be paid too for it. Woohoo! All hell broke loose when I could not thank her enough not because I was about to make some extra moolah than from my corporate slavery but for the sheer reason of giving me an opportunity to do what I love the most – SHOPPING! Yes, you heard that right, Absolutely Right. No questions asked, not even how much I would make, and I got myself booked on the first flight I could make myself available upon to the shopaholics’ heaven – Bangkok. I flew, landed, filtered the streets, picked-up local slang, bargained as much to the ratio of 70%, shopped to my heart’s content (so much so that the shopping bags had to be dragged to the main road to catch a cab) and gulped down a few bites quickly only after 8 hours of breakfast – all of it with a grin on my face and with no-tiring-super-charged feet, only to head back again to the market, and this time it was the Night Market in Bangkok Central.

Almost when I reached out a cab outside my restaurant which in fact was a Toyota Corolla, a sweet and 22-something damsel came running towards me (or may be the cab) yelling “Excuse Me”, and because the chivalry always has the first spot, she was definitely excused. And the next was amazing. She came as close to me when I could smell that she was wearing a Lady Million by Paco Rabbane, she said a quick “Thank You” in my face and sat in the cab telling the driver to head where I was heading! Bewildered, and with my neck inside the window of the cab and the rest of body standing outside, I exercised my fundamental right of announcing, “Excuse me, but this is my cab.”
Damsel: I’m sorry. But I really have to rush through and catch the Night Market and it may close down.
Me: Oh! Don’t worry. It remains open till 2 in the morning, and I am heading the same way, can I join (as it was my cab only) and we can go Dutch (bargain again).
Damsel (thinking): Ya. Okay.
Me: Khn k̄hạb rt̄h, tlād klāng khụ̄n, pord. (Driver, Night Market, please.)
Damsel: What was that? You know Thai?!
Me: Little Bit. I pick it up all on the go.
Damsel: Aaahan. That’s interesting. By the way, where exactly you are going?
Me: Night Market.
Damsel (surprised): For? Shopping??
Me: Yes.
Damsel: You gotta be kidding me! Men, and shopping? That too alone. No way.
Me: Why? What makes you so surprised?
Damsel: When I came running towards the cab, just before it was actually that I was persuading my boyfriend up in the hotel room to go shopping as it’s our last day here and I really wanted to put the best of this place in my closet and that man did not even move, and in turn asked me, “What’s that you get here which you don’t get back there in India?
Me: What???!!! Literally??!! I mean he really said that? How one cannot shop when in Bangkok. It’s sin, of the highest gravity.
Damsel: Yes, that’s what. The lazy lad is wants to sleep as he is tired after the safari we did today. Huh.
Me (LOL): I can understand totally your plight. Anyways, don’t spoil the mood. Let’s explore the shopaholics heaven at its best.

The cab zoom passed through the narrow Sois (Thai for ‘lanes’) and dropped us off at the marketplace’s corner to start with. The two of us screened the streets for the most amazing stuff the place had to offer us and grilled down the shopkeepers for the maximum of the discounts, just like FBI agents hunted the globe in the search of Laden. And one of the shopkeepers was smart enough not to offer us a flat 60% off, as we asked, on what he quoted but a decent 40% discount and a THB 300 coupon of his store which can be redeemed on any of our next purchases. And the smart shopper within us made its route back to his store back a precise 09 minutes and bought half a dozen of Ocean glassware by paying just 50 Bhats out of pocket and the rest by the coupon. What a deal it was! Fabulous. When the market started packing up, we headed back to the hotel half asleep in the cab but with a content smile on our faces that we shopped so much. Aah, what a feeling it is.

And then a professionally-trained-to-make-us-go-weak-in-the-knees voice of the air hostess made me awake asking for me to fasten my seat belt as the aircraft started descending to reach Bengaluru. Her Mother of Pearl Omega immediately caught my attention, and while following all the due instructions she gave me in the last 15 seconds I complimented her with: “Nice watch” which she acknowledged with a “Thank you, Sir” with that perfect smile, these girls always carry on their faces.

“Welcome to Bengaluru. The outside temperature is 20 degrees celsius. As we have left the active runway, you may now switch on your mobile phones and other electronic devices.” – this was the voice of the beautiful cabin crew in-charge and no later the cabin was buzzing with the tones of various makes of cellphones being switched on, SMSes coming and some people even on calls announcing their arrival to their near and dear ones. I too switched on my overtly priced eye-candy cell phone and the first communication received was an SMS which read: “Thank you for choosing us. Your shipment no. 310115040101 has been delivered at your address. Please remember to retain original packaging should you wish to return the product. T and C apply. Thank you for shopping with us today.” And by the time, I could have come over my disbelief that I had lost the race, the next SMS came, which was from my credit card company and read: “Your account has been credited with Rs.200/- as cashback from” I almost started jumping in joy for I did not had to even move myself an inch to buy what I wanted, at a throwaway price on which I got a further bargain, with a within-an-hour delivery promise fulfilled and a handsome amount coming to me as cashback. Is there any other presidential privilege these folks at the backend of all this business could have possibly extended to me? And the answer was NO. I was pampered, enough, already.

I made the engines of my car roar, and zipped off to my girlfriend’s place with her present gift wrapped, only to hear the customary dialogue of hers – “OMG! One more dress! Now where will I keep this? My wardrobe is already stuffed by you.” But no one ever will feel that orgasm kind of feeling one gets after shopping, which I do. With the volume of apparels, shoes, bags and what not I bought over the weekend, the grin on my face had become so prominent that my girlfriend actually interrogated me if I had a “Thai Message” done, which is making me feel so out of the world? But only I and all the other shopaholics of the world can actually understand that what it does it feel like to people who live by it and claim that “Shopping Is My CARDIO! Period.”

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