Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's time do some Honeyteering..!

“Relationships are divine and are made up in the heaven”, this is said very commonly across the world, but nobody knew the latter part of the phrase which is “and they are meant to be celebrated in Thailand!”

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has come up with such a wonderful concept of Honeyteering that words shall fall short to describe what it means to couples like us. An all-paid week-long vacation with fun activities in the lap of luxury and the love of your life, your partner being alongside you, while all one has to do is to “Spread Love”! Truly speaking, for the first time ever when I heard about this I almost burst into laughter due to disbelief but yes, it is true for each word of it.

With choices to be spoilt with, one has the option to choose from the most fantastic destinations available: Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui, return international tickets, then get to stay for a week-long at Thailand’s most luxurious 5-star properties, sightseeing tours, transportation, all meals, fun volunteer activities and an exclusive professionally shot honeymoon portfolio! Can somebody still be asking for more.

In life, there are few things which money can’t buy and Happiness and Love are certainly one of them, and this initiative by the Tourism Authority of Thailand is nothing less than a blessing for all the people around the world who are in love.

My entry to be a part of this amazing Honeyteering experience can be found at and if it gives you a mushy feeling of how lovely the two of us make as a couple, don’t think twice to hit the Green Heart right away.

Thanks a ton to the Tourism Authority of Thailand for conceptualizing such a beautiful experience and me along with my partner are truly in love with the tagline too: “We got so much love to give”.

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