Saturday, March 15, 2014

How much a spaceship costs..???

What a coincidence it was!!! I logged into IndiBlogger and saw this topic which was urging people to tell that “How far would they go to get closer to someone they love?” and wondered that what in this world made me see that post on a day when I came back from a tiring walk with that 3 kg. ThinkPad and other corporate slavery stuff on my shoulder, where on the way, I once again got familiar to that sad-yet-not-complaining tone of my girlfriend (we’ve been dating since seven years) when I told her that it won’t be possible to meet this weekend ‘coz I had travel out of town for some office work.

Only I know how hard it was for me, to break that news to her when I was tied with and should have kept the promise I made last week that we would spend the next Saturday all by ourselves. Believe it or not but it’s much harder than the Defence Secretary breaking the news to media that some country has waged a war against India. But with all the courage that I could gather, I did that brutal news-breaking ceremony (I’m a regular sinner) to her and all she replied was a “okay”, in a tone which dropped its high notes from a gleaming “hello” to a barely there “okay” all in a matter of micro-est of the nano-seconds. All thanks to my shining and underpaying corporate employment. 

With a “Thanks Baby” in  a really made-up tone I quickly got the call aborted and literally thanked her in my heart for understating my situation while feeling really sorry for the poor girl that where she has got stuck with a guy who at times does not even gets time to have a litre of water in office and works like an ass while the CEO leaves sharp at 6! And then suddenly, my cell phone beeped and flashed a message from her - “It’s OK, Buddy. I Love You!” Man, all I could and I did that time was a really big “AAAWWWWWWW” to myself.

I reached my abode, laid down with the tie and the shoes still on and kept staring at the stationery fan with total unrest within me as to how would I have reacted if I were in her shoes and I got ashamed when I drew conclusion of the same which I cannot even dare to put up here against myself.

I immediately picked up the phone and as I was about to speed dial here, the device was already ringing with a call from her. I felt a divine telepathy connection between the two and then picked up the call, aborting the Marimba to play any further.

She: Hey, just wanted to check if I can drive down to the airport before you leave?
Me: It would still be dark in the morning, I am flying the first flight of the day.
She: That’s okay. I’ll be fine, if you can spare a quick 15 minutes or may be just 10.
Me (OMG): You really wanna do this?
She: Obvio! Anything to see you. :)
Me (Awww): Fine. But make sure that you’re absolutely comfortable with all this. I mean, I’ll be back the next day. So we can meet up the next weekend too. Isn’t it?!
She: I am all good. Unless you don’t want me to come and see you yawning dressed in crisp formal ‘coz I am dead sure you’ll not be catching proper sleep.
Me: Ha ha ha.
She: Don’t skip the topic. Tell me, if this suits you.
Me: Sure. You can come.
She: Great. Thanks. Good night, baby. Love you.
Me: Yeah… Thanks. Hello…, hang on! There?
She: What happened? Changed minds?!
Me: No no. Just wanted to ask you something.
She (Phew): Oh, okay. Yeah, tell me.
Me: How far can you go to get me?!
She: What?!!
Me: Tell me na, how far would you go to get closer to me?
She (instantly): How much does a spaceship costs?
Me: What??!!!!
She: Tell me na, how much does it costs?
Me (totally surprised): I don’t know!!! And how is that even connected to my question???
She: Okay, chuck that. I’ll figure that out and swipe my credit card to buy one and then go out till Pluto to get to you.
Me: Pluto?!
She: Yeah, ‘coz that’s the farthest you can go. Isn’t it?
Me: Pooh (her pet name), it’s not funny. I asked you seriously.
She: Jerry (my pet name), I told you. Seriously. Period.
Me: I don’t get you.
She: It’s simple. You can’t get farther than Pluto, it being the last planet, and whether you like it or not, but I am gonna get you even there.
Me: And that’s because…?
She: Because you mean the world to me. :)
Me: (Pin drop silence)
She: What happened?
Me: Nothing.
She: Even if you would not have asked me that, my answer would always be the same.
Me: Thanks Baby.
She: By the way, then do I have to meet you at the airport or the space station on Saturday morning?
Me (smiling): Airport only.
She: Thanks God (bursts into laughter)
Me: I Love You, Buddy.
She: Love you too, Sweetu.
Me: Yeah. Good night.
She: Good night. (Muaaah)
Me: Thank you. :)

The call ended and I felt light, very light, and happy. I realised that my eyes were wet but it did not roll down. I thought to myself what I would have said if she would have asked me the same question. I did not find a better answer, but I did not bother much ‘coz we two ain’t different. She always says - “Buddy, You-Me one thing!”, and today I knew that she was right. The two of us were really "one, just like Sumeet and Chetna in the lovely video beneath, who were in eternal love with each-other and only British Airways made them come closer to each-other, something which in a corner of the world will always remain a hallmark of love, trust and a journey called "life".

And that day she made me realise that this much we mean to the people who love us and whom we love, and then even the sky’s not a limit, it’s not about the distance but about that person we love, it’s this far we can go to get to the person we love. Her answer personified the heroism of the flicks like Taken and Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar, but it was the unique her today who is my Hero. And I started saving up for a spaceship. Period.

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