Wednesday, March 26, 2014

First Day, Forever Show...

On normal Fridays, I tend to giggle a tad more than I usually do 'coz for the reason of it being a Friday! Cheers. But Friday, the 21st of March '14 was not the same. I was really not sure that the way I had planned my Friday ahead, on insistence by a female colleague, who happens to be a school-time buddy of mine is something I really wanted. But for the fringe benefits like a free (and awesome) IndiBlogger t-shirt, free food at Tivoli, and an evening with the bloggers at the IB community, I gave in. I actually love being at such meets and Friday was just perfect but Sunsilk was not really instigating the male within me to wiggle all the way to this meet instead of hitting the Hard Rock Cafe and do some head banging.

All said and done, I was dragged out of my cabin exactly at 4:30 in the evening to reach the venue on time and before I could once again ask that "are we actually going?", I was given this "yes-and-don't-you-ask-this-again" look right in my face and the next I remember was posing like an RJ and had a fun photo-shoot activity going on. Wanting to give some rest to the part of my body which was covered with the back of my chinos, we went in and got ourselves seated, finally.

The lights dimmed, and for the whole duration from 00:00:01 to 01:12:02, I was SPELL BOUND. The way and the pace at which the Real FM moved was so natural that it never seemed like someone is even 'acting'. Riya, Saloni and Natasha had so much character in them that the screenplay was just flowing, naturally, like wind, rather free wind I should say. Riya's anger on Sameer and "Dilip sahab ki awaaz mein, Mohammad Rafi pe filmaya gaya", Natasha's "26 states" and "we ain't counting Bhutan in this", Saloni's "Tu sirf blogs padti hai na, kabhi newspaper bhi pada hai tune" - these dialogues are going to be super hit punch lines in the coming days as and when the movies makes it reach to more and more people. And when with that typical well-read-girl-next-door kind of attitude "Delhi is a Union Territory" was delivered by the duo in unison, it was so much full of conviction that it could have sent Sheila Dixit and Arvind Kejriwal, both into the thoughts of reconfirming Delhi's status of being a half-state.

The lead actresses very way too fabulous. With each of their moves, ranging from the dialogue delivery to the ease with which they sculpted themselves into the characters of those supergirls who save a whole radio station in a city as huge as Mumbai, I have nothing else to offer them but a Hats Off and a standing ovation. It’s literally heroic of them to not let themselves be shattered in an hour when the father is ailing in the hospital, but be positive, courageous, determined, creative, change-maker and confident, while living up to the true meaning of being brave and showcasing trust and friendship at its best.

The magic element in the movie is pretty much evident throughout. With the amazing story and a class apart screenplay, only this team could have done justice to this amazing piece of art, which, in fact they have and makes me fall short of the adjectives which I can further use to describe the awesomeness of this masterpiece which has been created flawlessly. May be a “Te che rai banja raja mein udat re chachangache che rangai banja...” kind of a feeling could only be felt rather than been told or written about.

And the way Riya keeps her promise of “Aaj ki special subah main hi bajaungi aapki...”, she certainly has impressed all of us with Saloni’s song towards the end which makes a lot of sense, connects us instantly and is as sweet and divine as anything else could be, leaving each strand of hair on my arms charged up with emotion and my eyes going moist when her father acknowledges that he is proud of her sister.

With the meet coming to an end, I almost felt my feet reluctant to move out of that place ‘├žoz I was simply left asking for more. I was hypnotized, mesmerized and was made addicted to Real FM – a name which carries a very meaningful connotation: “Life’s Real Frequency Modulation”.

The breeze outside Tivoli gave me a sense of new life, a sense that I have been awaken after a long sleep, and with a thankful sigh to Ashmita for bringing (read ‘dragging’) me there and again she giving me a look right in my face, which said “Awww, come on, now don’t say thanks. I know I am awesome and this was far better than your stupid TGIF plans. You can replace the thanks with a modest Death By Chocolate. I don’t mind that.”

And holding this beautiful hamper, we left for another treat of gulping down with her favorite dessert, while we both were continuously humming the tune of “Ab tak safar accha raha, iss mod se jaayen kahan, raaste mein jo bhi ho, hoon hoon hoon hoon hoon hoon....

If you are looking for what's the rating I give to this amazing piece of art, all you shall note that may be next year, this movie gives the Oscars, an Oscar!

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