Thursday, January 17, 2013

& that day I started loving COCONUT too ..!!!

Well, I came up of this idea of writing this post about the wonderfulness of COCONUT on one of my weekend getaways! & it was just a co-incidence that I was in Goa. :)

Me & my girl were on that weekend getaway which was long overdue & planned a dinner that evening. When I came back to the room from the pool, she was getting ready & I cannot resist to mention that she was smelling awesomely great (superlative)! There was a mystic aroma in the air & every inch of her was drawing me closer. Although, I was already running late for our beach-side dinner, I felt handicapped to push myself away from that fragrance. Not only she smelled great but her skin had that touch of the silk which was mesmerising. It was then I noticed that the source of that sweet seduction was lying inside that little blueish-purple bottle of the Parachute Body Lotion standing in the middle of the dressing table, smiling at me.

It was a moment when the two of us unintentionally role-played this advertisement & realised it later! ;)

And then I got to know that why Coconut is So Good for our skin!

1. Coconut Milk is an amazing thing to smooth out & even delay   
    the wrinkles which appear on one's skin! (Girlies, now run & 
    grab it)
2. It helps adding glow to the skin (I bet).
3. It is a fabulous moisturiser & cleanser.
4. And it is an awesome fragrance in itself.

We walked hand-in-hand to the beach as I just did not want to leave that amazing silk touch + fragrance + warmth. Would you? Naaah.

And, at the back of my inquisitive mind every understanding fell into place that why from offering it to God, to inaugurate something new & to pamper one's skin with, only Coconut comes into the picture. May be, it's these & many more fabulous qualities of it which makes it so desirable. Now the only place I did not want a coconut was that one to fell onto my head on my way to the dinner from a tree, 'coz remember I was walking in Goa! ;)

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

and the love succumbed to a 'HAIR' line fracture ..!!!

It was hilarious & it gave all the girlies on campus a lesson, FOREVER! Mind it.

I happened to be friends with one of the most eligible bachelor on campus - Nikhil. He was a dude of all sorts & the blue-eyed boy of "EVERY hottie" on campus, & Ms. Fresher, Ashmita, was that lucky chic who had the honour of being dated by him. It is obvious to mention that she had the perfect walk with heels & had the cutest dimple on the left cheek in the whole college. they used to look really cute together, like that perfect - made for each-other kind of couples; until one day all hell broke loose & the news spread like fire in the hostel that the two ain't together anymore. It kinda became the national level news on campus & twitter was trending with it!

While everybody was into the wonder-shock-surprise phrase of their lives, this is what actually happened:

It was around 2 A.M. in the middle of the night when the lovebirds decided to meet & go out for a Maggie outing at the local Maggie Cafe. Nikhil in his tracks & Ashi (as we used to call her) in her Barbie shorts went to this lovely local adda of ours & just when the candle-light lit mid-night Maggie date was about to take place under the heavenly blue sky, Nikhil noticed that Ashi wasn't waxed! Yes, you read that right. She wasn't waxed. Niks was a guy who followed a proper regime of not only good looks but also that of personal hygiene at all the times. He simply could not digest that bowl of Maggie for which 50 bucks were shelled out at that wee hour of the night. The argument over this presentation of one's own self & maintainability got more heated than the Hot Chocolate which accompanied that Cheese Maggie & within hours the news spread like fire. 

The two would have really looked cute today as they must have been hitched by now, but unfortunately it did not happen & you obviously know why.

And I really wish she had opted for her hair removal, more than I wished for passing marks in my final semester examination.

Well, one's loss is another's gain. One of our junior who literally had a death-defying crush on Niks grabbed the opportunity & is today a proud Mrs. Vanshika Nikhil Bajaj.

So, the girlies, the hotties & the ladies, grab your Satin Cares because I know you find your man cute when clean shaven on a dinner date but don't take him or even yourselves for granted, 'coz who doesn't want to enjoy a SMOOTH ride! ;)

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