Monday, July 21, 2014

The High Five That Zests LIfe

The dictionary reads ZEST as “great enthusiasm and energy”, but to me the word describes a million feelings of the world within it. To me, ZEST is a feeling of awesomeness, a kind of pump within which gives you an instant kick, a blow of happiness, excitement or sheer pleasure which brings that smile on my lips, a wind of peace to my hair and a feeling of satisfaction to my heart – a kind of an altogether different emotion in itself which just cannot be explained enough but could only be felt by oneself.

This feeling which adds Zest to my life has been felt a lot of times earlier in life but it was only when Blogadda and Tata Zest came together and asked what are those 5 things which makes this happen, that made me sit down and list down the top 5!

1. The People, who make me what I am:
Like it’s said that “Charity begins at home”, it’s equally true to say that “Happiness is where Home is”. When I look around to figure out what all adds Zest to my life, the first that comes to my mind is the people who make me what I am – Maa, Paa, my younger brother and the Love of My Life. These Fantastic Four feature on the top spot of those amazing five things which adds Zest to my life.

2. The Rhythm, that keeps me alive:
It’s no understatement that “Music is a universal drug”. Let it be those days when I am super-charged and all pepped up to hit my office desk before time, or those stupid Mondays after a great weekend, or just those lazy days when it rains enough for me to have a private Pacific Ocean in front of my house or just any other day and any mood, music is something that keeps me alive even on the darkest-silent-dead night. And I being a patron of every single genre of music enjoy the freedom of pampering myself like a bird of all skies. Music is my blood, my oxygen, my life support system.

3. The Nectar, Papa ke haath ki Chai:
Whatever be the situation and no matter what is that which is running in my head or heart, Papa ke haath ki Chai serves the purpose of nectar, anytime, anywhere. It’s one typical connect me and Paa share with each-other, and over numerous rounds of this heavenly drink, the Zest, quietly walks in life and settles there.

 Image Cortsey: @Parsahiya

4. The Mighty Gift, My Sword, My Tongue – My Pen:
The day I graduated as a lawyer and stepped into “The Real World”, all I had in my kitty were some thoughts, some more random thoughts and a lot more different kinds of thoughts. What to do, where to go, how to lead a life, how to earn a living, a relationship of love nurtured for a decade, parents with dreams in their eyes, friends who were waving a goodbye without a definite promise as to when we will meet, and a lot lot lot more. There was a Katrina of thoughts flooding my mind, and my soul was feeling to break free, from the chains of these thoughts, it felt the need to express, and express it loud and clear, which is when I gifted myself with this writing instrument which never leaves my side, no matter what happens, and acts like all – my sword, my tounge. And adds Zest to my life in its own unique way, with each passing second.

5. The Second Skin – My Denims:
Sometimes, there is an urge to see ourselves from the other side of the line, and here a mirror does not work. That is when I pull myself into my second skin – my denims. However lazy I get to give it a bath, it never leaves its fragrance – the smell of Me, and that’s where I find where I belong to. With it, I can walk, run, lay down, roam like a nomad, be fun, eccentric, soulful and even dance on the streets as if no one is watching, and when I am back home, can sleep with it being on, and yet it never even asks for a bit in life, not even the tiniest one.

And this is how the High Five adds up that Zest to my life and keep me alive. Period. ‘Coz it’s time to Zest!

Go, Zest.

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