Sunday, October 19, 2014

The key to a Happy Home is in being the Pink of health!

Being a student who had records to his credit of hundred percent attendance (of the times when I used to be in school), I knew what it takes to be all hale and hearty to achieve this year-after-year, and also that it is not an easy task to be at. And when the family legacy continued by my nephew joining the same school, I made sure that he does get only the best and that nothing shall ever come in between him and his dreams, his future, his zeal to excel and his motivation, which shall drive him towards his goals. And for all this to be happening it is necessary by all sorts that he always remains healthy. His tales from everyday at the school, is what all the family members wait for, and I always remember the words of my Grandmother, “Tu jaldi theek ho ja, Beta. Teri shaitani ke bina Ghar soona-soona lagta hai. (Son, get well soon. The Home does not feel the same without your chirp around it.)” I did not understand what she meant back then, but I now feel it around me when I see my nephew going through bruises every other day while he learns to skate. It definitely takes a lot to build a champion but I understand that I have to make him strong and immune enough to fight back and then rise and shine. I know that his warmth and energy is what fills up my heart and turns our house into Home. With these thoughts in mind, I was browsing through parenting techniques on the internet and deciding upon the various activities that shall get in sync with the curriculum of the Play School where my Bhabhi use to teach, when I came across this amazing web portal which was about Dabur Chyawanprash and immunity in kids, which talked about helping in making the generation and the nation healthier. I found the article really interesting and I started browsing through the pages of the web portal, and the more I read, the more it kept getting interesting. After a couple of minutes of reading and then later some research about the new and improved Dabur Chyawanprash, I was assured that this is item which I was actually looking for, that one thing which shall keep all my worries at bay, my nephew, healthy and immune from the daily attacks of such stuff about which we all remain worried. We could now be worry-free as what we have been looking for was right there in our mind. We were free from second thoughts about the how to manage to keep Yash fit and fine so that he emerges as a champion in whatever he does. Because when he smiles, we all smile automatically, as he is our life, our pride and our joy. And with this happy thought within me, the next I was doing was walking down the street to our local departmental store to buy a jar of Happiness – a jar of Dabur Chyawanprash! J

This blog post is a part of the IndiBlgger's Indi-Happy Hours "A healthy child makes a happy home" campaign.

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