Sunday, February 15, 2015

Experience #UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone

Another year introduced itself a couple of weeks ago, and here I am, standing at the intersection of thoughts, once again, lost in myself, asking the same question: “Why is this Valentine-stuff is so important? What is in it to celebrate love? Is it not that love shall exist forever, and not just for one day?” With all these questions jogging in my mind a their own sweet disturbing pace, I reached my friend’s place who seemed to be eagerly awaiting for me since long, and greeted me in his signature style, “Hey Bugger, what’ up? You know that you are late, again, as usual! And anyways, that’s why you’re buying us drinks tonight!” I looked at his gleaming face, and smiled, and then thought that this guy who seems to be so jovial, was not at all like this a few weeks ago, when the new year introduced itself, for him, it was just a change of date and nothing else, as his long-time girlfriend broke-up with him at the so-called “Happy” New Year Party! For him, it was, in no manner, whatsoever, was a “Happy” new year altogether. And with this I entered into his room where the rest of the gang was waiting for Mr. Late Comer (that’s me), to join the party and set the ball rolling. The actual kickass Valentine’s party was happening right there. With Floyd playing in the background, and Mr. Monk waiting to be explored by us, the mood was set with the ambience playing upon us its perfect charm and seduction to fall in love with it, right then and there!

And by the time, I was done hugging each member of the gang with exchanging all of our style of pleasantries, the moment I turned to him, I was introduced to my Valentine, or let me say “Our Valentine”, because there were two of them! Yes, you read it right, TWO of them!

For a moment, it was literally hard to believe that while I was busy asking myself questions as to the validity of Valentine’s Day just because I did not had a partner (until a short while ago) to celebrate it with, someone was literally planning stuff in and out to make my day in the most perfect manner! My buddy, my friend, had me gifted an ASUS Zenfone 5 – a Black Beauty, which was oozing aura, style, sexiness and seduction, while its inner powers were yet to be put to test, and we, the #BrothersForLife, got it from nowhere else but our all-time favourite FlipkartAnd as soon as our Valentines were turned on (don’t all of you get any naughty ideas), they swept us off our feet! Exploring them all, over the next couple of minutes with music and wine, I learnt the five reasons why it was the perfect Valentine partner for me:
1.     Rock solid.
2.     Beauty which you can call “Sexy” too!
3.     Trustworthy, forever.
4.     A partner for life
5.     Gives you #UnconditionalLove

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