Thursday, July 9, 2015

Enroute to my love, with UC Browser!

And so it was a long weekend with everything perfectly falling into place; the electricity did not give any woes, there was no one at home to disturb during the telecast of the match, it was the day of the clash of the titans for the ongoing triangular series – the day of the semi-finals, the refrigerator was fully loaded, the houselhodl chores were done, the plants properly watered and everything was just as it should have been, except that one oh-so-important phone call from my girlfriend, who I was supposed to pick up from the airport, and about which such promise I had totally forgotten. Though the airport was not that far from my place, but there was a double-fold issue that I had to deal with – As I did not remember that it was the day when I have to go and pick her up from the airport, I have luxuriously given my car to the service centre to make it feel pampered (you know that our cars are our prized possession), and secondly, I, at no cost, did not want to lose the first five overs of the match, as in a game of T-Twenty Cricket, these are definitely the overs to watch for, and they become oh-so-more important when it’s your favourite batsman at the opening strike. However, as I had no choice to make, as forgetting about picking-up the girlfriend is anyways a cardinal sin, and then not going for it even after you have been reminded about it, is like inviting trouble to knock your door or rather camp in your bedroom itself; I called for a cab, bid goodbye to my Plasma television and placed myself at the back seat, only starting to sob within myself on having to loose watching the game I have awaited for all this long. And the moment I was about to start consoling myself that it’s going to be okay watching the recorded version of the watch, I got reminded that I have a blessing installed on my smartphone, and which is known by the name of “UC Browser”, and to add cherry on the top of the cake it even has a separate and dedicated section for Cricket fans which is the super fabulous “UC Cricket”, and to be honest, this is nothing less than a Gennie granting you a wish, as for a country where the sport is Cricket is nothing less than a religion and that people literally worship their favourite players, what else one could more ask for?! And there came my smile back to my face! ;)

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