Saturday, March 14, 2015

When I resolved to #StartANewLife

It was my first week in the new school, and I did not know much people around. Prior to getting admitted to this new school, I was studying in a boarding school for more than half a decade, so, I was pretty comfortable in making new friends and starting conversation with people around me, even if did not know them. In the past, I have always been on the leadership side of the student’s side, so I wanted to continue that thing here too, but this new institution had this peculiar rule which established that only such students would be eligible to be selected and appointed as school captains, house captains and the leaders of such other verticals within the school, who have been in the school for a minimum period of two full terms. So, technically I was not eligible for being shortlisted and selected. But that did not stop the zeal within me. When, after all the pre-registered students were done with delivering their speeches, the host of the students’ assembly announced that if at that point of time also, there is anyone who wants to make a nomination of the self, they can over to the stage and do it on spontaneous basis. Having heard that, my inner self started jumping within me, and though I knew the pre-condition to be selected, I thought of giving it a try, considering the fact that I do not have anything to loose if I am not selected, but if I do not give this a shot right now, I might loose upon a golden opportunity. All of these calculations of logic too place within me in a flash of a light, and before the host of the students’ assembly would have closed the golden opportunity, which I thought I was coming my way, I drew attention of around two thousand five hundred students towards me, all of whom have got their heads turned to the direction from where a sound of an “Excuse Me” emerged, and all of this replicated a perfect scene of a Bollywood movie, where the Hero of the movie is making the grand entrance. However, surprising the whole crowd, almost ninety-five percent of which did not even knew or recognised me, passing through the lanes made by the classmates and batch-mates, I made my way to the stage, and with all the superpower within me, delivered my spontaneous speech. I do not remember, as to what all I spoke about, but all that I remember was that when I was done talking the whole of the school’s playground was echoing the sounds of applause and I found my class-teacher looking at me with eyes full of pride. And a week later, as everybody told me that I should expect, I was designated as the Vice Head Boy of the school for that term, which itself is a record in the history of that school that till date, no new comer in the school, before or after me, has been made a art of the leadership.


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