Friday, June 1, 2012


Well, secretly this is what all of us wish in our daily life - an unlimited 3G connection at a light fast speed all that time on the way to office, in the cafeteria, by the poolside & even in the washrooms.

The dream of having being connected at the speed of light that too on the move is the best that can happen to us, quite literally!

With Aircel's unlimited 3G plan starting unbelievingly @ just Rs.7, which costs me way lesser than the price of a metro ticket, it feels like the divine blessing of the Almighty to top it up with a speed of up to 3.6 mpbs! (even a single piece of my favorite cookie does not come in that price!!!)
And what makes a hit combo is the ultimate mean machine's latest line up recently launched by HTC - the HTC One series of smart phones.

Now, this is what it makes a deadly combo with the super cool yet affordable HTC One V:
  • Amazing 3.7" 480 x 800 pixels HD screen
  • Super light weight (115 grams)
  • Polycarbonate unibody
  • A unique curved-chin design that makes it easy to hold
  • A powerful 5 MP camera with amazing LED flash (which can also take pictures while you shoot your holiday videos in HD - 720p) & can instantly be uploaded (which is a blessing for bloggers)
  • A 1 GHz processor which allows you to do multi-tasking smoothly
  • 4 GB on board memory (which can be expended up to 32 GBs)
  • Beats Ausio technology to give rich & authentic feel to whatever goes into your ears
  • A great battery back-up with a 1500mAH battery
  • Great contrast view under direct sun
  • Curved gorilla glass for best viewing experience
  • And the best - "Ice Cream Sandwich" (the Android 4.0) - it's really yummy when it comes to performance along with HTC Sense 4
All said & done, this combo makes me access the best apps with an amazing camera to click great pictures to share instantly & shoot HD videos which can be uploaded without feeling like I am standing in a government office's queue! With "Beats Audio" technology to enjoy my library of Floyd & Marley, I can multitask while playing HD games & carrying my whole universe in my hand & all of this @ just Rs.7 for a day. Now who needs Gennies for miracles to happen?

& to answer that what will I do, well I ask you back - What I cannot!?

I give this combo a 4.5 on 5 (a deduction of 0.5 for a missing dedicated camera key).
Favorite Features : Durability, Sound Quality, VĂ­deo, Camera, Productivity, Apps, Web           Experience

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desperado! said...

well written and with geniune points covered tactfully! way to go Mr Blogger, may yr prayers come true!